1) The Quote ::

When you contact us for a quote, we will do our best to estimate your needs based on a few things you tell us; whether you want a CMS or Static site and rough number of pages etc. This should be taken as a rough estimation only at this point, but it shouldn’t ever be far off. Sometimes we get approached to do a “simple 5 page site” which, during the Research, or  Initial Design Concept stages, rapidly becomes apparent isn’t going to fit. You may suddenly decide you want 5 custom forms, a slideshow (or 2), scrolling news feeds.. news feeds? oh wait, now the initial “simple 5 page site” is a complex editable CMS with 10 pages – LOL, it does happen. Sometimes you aren’t really sure what you want / need until you start seeing it being put together.

2) Research ::

During the initial stages, we gather any and all appropriate text and images (or image ideas) that you want featured on your website. We will want to see any company logos, existing colours etc that you have. This is so we can base a design to fit with your existing company’s “look” if you have one. If you have specific text or Images you want on the Homepage, let us know. We will spend some time researching your business / competition to get a feel for everything. Having all the information on what you want on your site, and what features you want, we will be able to give you a more accurate quote (if it turns out to be different than any given previously using the Quote Contact Form).

3) Design Concept ::

Once we have gathered enough information from you and have spent some time researching, we will put together a set of jpg’s. These will likely be of a few different mock-ups of the homepage so you can see the initial design. We will also give jpg’s of some of the other pages as well if they feature unique content/features that would be good to preview. You may request as many revisions of the design as you like. Once you are happy with the basic design of your new site, we will be ready to start the coding process on to one of our test Domains (web addresses). After you have approved the initial design concept, we will ask for a small down-payment of the cost of the design.

4) Coding ::

This is where we turn the Initial Design Concept you chose in to a functioning website. We will place the design as we are coding it, on to a ‘test domain’ which you will be able to access and view at any point. Further revisions are still welcome at this point if you change your mind over something, or think of something new, but bear in mind that too many revisions or complex changes at this stage will push any estimated completion dates back a bit.

5) Final Approval. What happens now? ::

After the site has finished being coded, and has the final nod of approval from you, we will need to transfer the site to your permanent web address. We will send you an invoice for the remaining cost, and if you opted to go for our hosting (1 year free with site design), we can get straight on and upload the site. If you already have hosting elsewhere, and do not wish to move, we will need ftp access in order to upload your site to your web address. If your new site is a CMS, we will provide you with 2 months free support if needed until you learn your way around.

Maintenance ::

We offer a maintenance service if you require one after your site has been completed (even if you opted for a CMS). We have several ways we can do this depending on your needs. Our standard hourly charge for maintenance is £30 per hour, but we can add it all up and bill at the end of the month, we do not have any minimum charge requirements.

The benefits of a CMS is that you are able to do most of the updating yourself; adding new pages, editing existing content etc, but we can do any content management for you if you require.


Get a website quote

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